External Article Contribution


At Jbmuwonge we believe that your thoughts about this our struggle are very much needed and we are excited to share your thoughts to the rest of the world. Kindly Go through the guidelines below and lets get started.


At JBMuwonge we shall only accept external writing contributions from people who want to cause a non fictional socio-economic and political fundamental change.

JBMuwonge will accept the following types of articles from external contributors:

  • News articles

  • Essays (investigative writing on different issues related to our cause)

  • Stories of victims of torture abductions, kidnappings and all the kind.

When submitting your articles , the writer should consider the following:

  • The article should be apolitical, fair, and well balanced.

  • The article should intend to educate the public and reflect the need for political social and economic change.

  • The article should be shorter than 1,500 words. JBMuwonge will make an exception for investigative pieces the likes of reports and so. .

  • The writer can choose to stay anonymous.

  • If you have articles you would like to contribute to this our struggle for social economic and political change, please send your draft to: jbmuwonge@jbmuwonge.com

  • Please specify the category your article falls under and whether you want to stay anonymous or not.

Thank you for your contribution.

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