Who is JBMuwonge?

John Baptist Muwonge, also known as JBMuwonge, is a Ugandan social activist and strategist who is known for his work in spreading the message of social change, fighting for social justice and human rights in Uganda, fighting Dictator Museveni and his despotic and tyrannical rule. He is a member of the National Unity Platfrom and the People Power movement, which seeks to unite Ugandans on issues such as ending human rights abuse, corruption and redefining the rule of law, with a focus on young Ugandans, He uses social media, and his inspiration for activism is Bobi Wine, a prominent activist and President.

JBMuwonge is an entrepreneur, fashion desinger, teacher, Founder of JBMuwonge website, also the owner of several social media platfroms, Facebook page, and Twitter account, as well as the JBMuwonge TV Channel, the JBMuwonge podcast – Uganda’s Journey to Freedom, etc where he shares commentary and analysis on political and social issues in Uganda and the urgent need to change the staus quo, ending the Museveni Dictatorship that has lasted for close to 40 years. He is a strong advocate for democracy, freedom of speech, Human rights and an end to government corruption, poor governance and he has been vocal in his criticism of Dictator Museveni’s regime.

Despite facing intimidation from the Ugandan government to the point of reporting his social media accounts to tech giants like YouTube and Facebook to be deleted, JBMuwonge remains committed to his work as an activist and advocate for social justice. He continues to use his online platforms to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, and to push for a more just and democratic society.

Why i Put my time into Activism?

Dictator Museveni’s despotic and tyrannical rule plunged Uganda, my beloved country, into an abyss of social, economic, and political chaos. The relentless cycle of bad leadership and poor governance has not only created a dark cloud of despair that hovers over every aspect of life in our nation but has also made life of almost all citizens miserable.

Under Dictator Museveni’s iron-fisted rule, Uganda has become a breeding ground for tribalism, nepotism, human rights violations, corruption, sectarianism, embezzlement, and the misappropriation of public funds and the country is sinking deeper into a mess created by the self-serving dictator.

Worse still, since he seized power in 1986, dictator Museveni continues to cling onto power by force and has ruthlessly suppressed any form of dissent, with human rights abuses, torture, and extra-judicial killings being a common occurrence. The judiciary, media, and civil society have all been muzzled and silenced, with anyone daring to speak out against the regime facing arrest, torture, or even death.

Dictator Museveni

As a youthful nation with over 85% of the population below the age of 35, I JBMuwonge do believe the future of Uganda with no doubt lies in the hands of its potent being, we the youth. We have the numbers, energy, time, and creativity to transform our country and shape its destiny. We recognized that the power to effect change lies within us and now are taking action to build a better future for ourselves and future generations.

The time is long overdue for us to reject the status quo and demand a more just and democratic society. To the rest of my age mates, we must as soon as yesterday stand up against corruption, injustice, and oppression and work towards a better Uganda.

We cannot allow Museveni’s dictatorship to continue hold us back. We have the potential to make Uganda a shining example of what a country can achieve when its people unite and work towards a common goal.

JBMuwonge and Presdient Bobiwine

I am convinced that my efforts, combined with the tireless work of other concerned Ugandans led by our President, H.E. Bobwine will lead us to the non-fictional social, economic, and political change that our country desperately needs, a one that is free from the shackles of dictatorship and oppression.

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